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BTV1 Relaunches 24/7 Internet Television Broadcasting
Bahoudii Crown Breaks Through Exchange Rate Ceiling
New Duchy Annexed as TorHavn Crown Swears Fealty to Bahoudii Throne
Kingdom Announces First Postal Stamp Releases
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BTV1 - Community Television, and BTV2 - Bahoudii Music Televison are now on-the-air broadcasting programs of interest to people around the world.  They can both be viewed from BahoudiiNet or

About Bahoudii

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Information about Bahoudii - An unrecognized nation-state working to build a place in the world for its people.

Visiting Bahoudii

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Unfortunately, visiting the Kingdom Territory proper isn't possible for the public... yet.  Limited visitation is available at the Kingdom U.S. Consulate.

Business Opportunities In Bahoudii

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If you've been dreaming of starting your own business, Bahoudii may be the place you've been dreaming of.

Immigrating To Bahoudii

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Immigrating to Bahoudii can be an exciting opportunity.  Resources for becoming a citizen and resident of Bahoudii can be found here.

Civil Representation